Saturday, September 08, 2007


Of course, her for really & for truly birthday was August 2, but today's the bash for Fran. All the relatives, & her friends, are expected to show up. My father & I went to Gubbiotti's Funeral Home to borrow chairs. Uncle Frankie's running around a lot too. Yesterday I went to the mall & found out at Waldenbooks that they have a job opening so I made sure I got an application. I hope everything works out for me. The trip over there was rather annoying because it was a hot day with lots of traffic. It turns out that Rte. 315 ends over there & turns into 309. I think they used to have a really nice miniature golf course over there about twenty years ago. Of course, lest we so much as presume to forget, the legendary KrissyKrissyKrissy has a birthday coming up on Monday. She'll be thirty. I started reading a biography of Charlotte Bronte this morning. The Bronte sisters are among my favorite authors. Yesterday I watched a few episodes from "Tales From the Darkside". That was a right groovy eighties variation of "The Twilight Zone". I found out about a couple in China who want to name their little baby @. I don't know whether the young_un in question is a boy or girl. All I know is names these days have gotten entirely out of hand already anyway. Wow! I just found out that Fizzies, the drink tablet I used to like as a young_un, have made a comeback. I shall have to track them down.

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