Tuesday, September 04, 2007


It was a very nice, very quiet Labor Day weekend. I was genuinely surprised to see that we didn't have all the traffic New Yorkers take for granted. I went to Blockbusters for a few minutes yesterday. The selection of stuff for sale is absolutely atrocious. They must like only to rent videos to people. I see the latest James Bond movie is available for sale. Steve, the kids & I went to see it a while ago. Lately, I've been re_reading "MacBeth". It's tough but I'm getting used to it. It's awfully short for a Shakespeare play so rumor has it it was shortened a smidge somehow. Congratulations to Karen & Tony for their new house. I get lots of e mails lately reminding us of it. Of course, as usual, when I was supposed to lector on Saturday at 5:00 p.m. at Mass, the girl who was supposed to show up to help didn't get there. Rocco filled in for her. That's three weeks in a row that something happened like that. Everybody's been getting geared up for Fran's big birthday bash this coming weekend. It should be a swell time for one & all. She recently turned fifty. My birthday's coming up pretty soon too. The librarian's on vacation this week & the library closes very early each day. Vinnie's sent me a few e mails lately. It's always really good to be able to keep in touch with him. The people in the pictures are a couple of eccentric characters I met through my Myspace account. The guy with the funky hairdo even has an awfully distinctive last name.

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