Thursday, September 06, 2007


Unfortunately, two years ago today, Daren died. The weather is slightly cooler today than it's been recently. I'm still trying to re_read that Shakespeare play. On top of that, I'm also trying to get used to the idea that my birthday will be here in slightly over a week. Great Caesar's ghost! Where in Sam Hill could all that time possibly have gone? Uncle Frankie came over last night. Surprisingly, he wasn't packing any of his traditional candy, etc. The librarian has been on vacation all week & we're all still her in one piece, though somewhat frazzled. The women he's left in charge don't seem to be as knowledgeable as he. Today it's somehow unusually crowded here. The past week seems to have just about flown by. I just got news from Cathleen that the lunch with Gael yesterday worked out well though the weather over there is too cool too soon. I haven't gotten a chance to see either of them in person for very many decades. Now it's all internet_wise & only sometimes on the phone. I still need a haircut but have yet to get moving about it. It's like a very long_standing tradition with me to postpone haircuts long enough to bug the hell out of people. The Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception will be finally beatifying Fr. Stanislaus this month. On top of everything else, his big day will be on my birthday. Last night I watched "The Simpsons". I haven't been in the habit of watching it for a very long time, but it's still quite a groovy show. All those pop cultural references, especially the old stuff, can really keep me hopping. I've never bothered with new stuff.

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