Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Because the librarian's on vacation all week everybody's going stark raging nuts around here. Most days the library's closed at 1:30. The weather's a smidge cooler today than it's been lately. I don't get pert near heat stroke in my car. Last week I saw the old silent movie "Steamboat Bill, Jr." with Buster Keaton. Last night I saw the old silent movie "Flesh & the Devil" with Greta Garbo & John Gilbert. I don't usually get to see silents. Most of the time they're all talkies. Those two were the first movies I've seen in a while. Uncle Frankie, of course, came over for a while yesterday. Everybody is still looking forward to Fran's big party. She thinks it's for Michael. It's hard to believe we could possibly be anywhere near even half that old. Danny came over with fish this morning from his big trip to Michigan. It was exactly a decade ago this day that Mother Teresa of Calcutta died. The Catholic radio station, 750 am, is all abuzz about her. I just got news from Cathleen. She & Gael are supposed to go to lunch today. That most certainly should turn out to be quite a hoot. It's always good news to hear they've been doing well. Unfortunately tomorrow's the second anniversary of Daren's death. She was somebody I first met at S.U.N.Y. Farmingdale in 1980 & then at O.L.P.H. in 1985.

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