Friday, September 07, 2007


I got a haircut this morning. Rose, on Eighth Street by the Wyoming Bridge, must open around nine o'clock. I was only the second guy there when I showed up. Another guy showed up right after I got there. Unlike lots of other places, that can get might fancy, Rose's approach to cutting hair is very basic. Hello_snip_good-bye just about says it for her. I found out last night that the cast of "The Bob Newhart Show", one of my all_time favorites, are supposed to be having a reunion soon. They're the ones who gave us one of everybody's favorite seventies' catch phrases: "Hi, Bob". Fran's big day is coming up this weekend. She turned fifty last month. There was a problem with having the party then, though. Not enough people were available to show up. Yesterday, I took a chance & tried to get to the Wyoming Valley Mall. I went to Rte. 315 by the Oblates of St. Joseph Seminary. Then I went on the southbound lane as far south as those casinos. By then, though, I got sick & tired of it & instead of bothering to go any farther, I got onto the northbound lane of the Cross Valley Expressway (Rte. 309) & went back home. It wasn't too much farther south than where I already was by then anyway but I went nuts over it.

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