Friday, October 26, 2007


It's been exceptionally cold so far this morning. Last night I went to the St. Jude novena once again. Msgr. Joseph Quinn was in charge. The predictably large crowd showed up. I'm getting extremely close to the end of that Emily Dickinson book. Yesterday I read so much, though, that I woke up very early today with a headache. Fortunately, a pill took care of that. Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday. All has been working out well so far for him & Fran. He went out & got pizza yesterday. Today we shall all have to do a right groovy Friday dance for Cathleen. It's all because of her that we even have our Friday dance. I was just reading, on the Conservative Voice's website, that Reed R. Heustis, Jr., a columnist of theirs, intensely dislikes the Beatles, qualifying him, perhaps, as the only person who has ever been able to make that claim. He cites, in particular, John Lennon's anti_Christian viewpoints. While I most certainly agree entirely with his reminder that God, by definition, absolutely has to come first, & that Christianity has no possible rival for its truth claims, I 've always succumbed to the Beatles' on an entirely show business level. Hey, talent is talent. Today the library people will be throwing a Halloween party for all the little tykes who want to come. It should be lots of fun. I should most certainly hope for everybody's sake the big game works out tonight. It should be unbearably cold though.

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