Monday, October 22, 2007


Yesterday I spent most of the day at the Holy Name Society's big ziti dinner. Father Walsh & his father both showed up. Rocco, Ed, Howard & all the other guys were there with their wives & young uns. The old timers have grandchildren too. I made sure I helped with all kinds of stuff, as I always used to do with my New York crowd. Fran's old high school friends, John & Linda, even showed up. Linda said she once worked with Fran & Aunt Lauren in Stroudsburg. I met lots of her friends when we were kids but I only met these two lately. Besides ziti & meat balls/sausage, there were salad, bread & cake. The drinks were wine, beer, coffee & soda. Anyone who wanted to could get a take_out order. It worked out really well & everyone seemed to have been quite happy with it all. The weather was very bitter icy cold today but since then it's been getting progressively warmer & warmer. Unfortunately, Uncle Frankie got very sick this morning & my father ended up having to rush him to the emergency room. He's been ill lately.

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