Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yesterday was rainy all day even into the night. As of the last time I went out today, it was icy cold, foggy & pouring, a generally miserable day. Of course, we need the rain & cold is much more consistent with weather for this time of year anyway. All has been going fairly well for me so far. Last night I went back to the St. Jude novena. Msgr. Joseph Kelly was in charge. It was the pastor's birthday. Fr. Walsh showed up this morning for Mass, so I suppose he's been feeling better lately. I've still been reading that Emily Dickinson book. Large as it is, I now have fewer than one hundred pages left. Yesterday, I made sure I watched some of those news reports on the California fires. There were bulletins all day. Things like that really get lots of coverage around the entire country. Even the governor was forced to get something done about it. Halloween is coming up very soon. We can count on all sorts of annoying circumstances with traffic, young uns, etc. I haven't bothered to don a costume or go trick or treating in very many years. In my days as a yound hep cat I could be quite the Halloween party animal but now it just doesn't seem to interest me as much. Jerry from Lindenhurst just sent me my latest Holy Name Society newsletter. Of course, I see they've already started their annual turkey raffle. I always used to be quite active with that kind of thing.

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