Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The weather outside is still unseasonably warm, especially during the main part of the day. So far, we got a little bit of a rainstorm this morning but the last I saw of it, it most certainly didn't amount to anything. St. Mary Help of Christians' annual St. Jude novena started on Sunday. I made sure I went there last night. Fr. Paul McDonnell, O.S.J. celebrated the Mass. I only go to that church once a year because of the novena. They had lots of things for sale. last year like statues, medals, etc. but this year the selection is nothing to brag about. They only have very small things. This morning, at the bus stop on Sixth Street, I found some high school kid's bag full of gym stuff. The woman who's the crossing guard on the other side of the street, for another school, explained where his school is, right next door to St. Anthony's Church, so I took it over. I just left it in front of the doors to avoid getting arrested. Cathleen just told me that there have been lots of fires over in California lately, with Santa Ana winds at up to 108 mph. That's really bad. My shoulder, as I mentioned once before, always hurts. Maybe I should get what Cousin Larry calls shoulder mpads. Yesterday I read a whopping fifty pages of that Emily Dickinson book. It's taking me a while but I'm finally getting very close to the end. Long books always bother me because I get very impatient. Halloween very fast approaches. It's only slightly more than a week away. I'll try to make my musings suitably scary in keeping with the occasion.

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