Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday. I got a letter from Baby Age. Unfortunately it turned out to be a rejection letter. They said they can't hire me right now but intend to keep my resume for future reference, just in case. That's the very first time I've ever heard of a company sending a letter to somebody they don't intend to hire. Schools & other organizations send rejection letters to students, etc. but this struck me as quite unusual. This morning I went out at around 6:30 for milk because there wasn't a drop left as of yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately it was cheaper at the Price Chopper than Unimart but they most probably, unlike Path Mark, aren't open that early in the day. This morning, when I first showed up at the library, I noticed there were extra cars here early. Usually that doesn't mean anything. The church next door may have something going on. Today it was a library meeting though. I recognized the guy who came through the door the same time as I did. He's the top banana of the Hoyt Library. Surprisingly, I just found out yesterday on "Jeopardy" that Bob Dylan has won this year's Pulitzer Prize for music. To my combined surprise & chagrin, neither John Lennon nor Paul McCartney has ever been accorded any such distinction. They should especially get one as a duo.

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