Friday, May 09, 2008


Yesterday I got my registration card & sticker through the mail. I put my card in my glove compartment & sticker on my license plate this morning. I only have one plate & it's in the back of the car. Here in Pa., unlike New York, they don't put one in the front. Fran called yesterday & Uncle Frankie came over for a while. Yesterday I also went to the Little Flower Manor for yet another job fair. Sister Catherine was there. I got interviewed by a woman named Jean Marie who explained all the requirements. It only lasted a very short time compared to the Wachovia fairs because they're only one organization. The weather got nice after a while yesterday but this morning it was raining again. As I went back & forth to St. Anthony's I noticed that gas prices are going through the roof. As I was going through Price Chopper this morning I noticed some gigantic woman was rambling on on a cell phone the entire time she was there. At least she spoke in an acceptable tone of voice. There was an absolute missing link of a woman in here yesterday who rambled on, full blast, at somebody on a cell phone. These cell phone idiots make such a bunch of fools out of themselves & yet they absolutely don't seem to have any idea of just how big a bunch of freaks they really are.

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