Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Last night there was an extremely seriously violent storm but it was much more about thunder & lightning than rain. Yesterday, again, I read part of the book about Queen Isabella, exercised on the chair & played my guitar. I watched "I Love Lucy". I even saw part of a rerun of Regis Philbin's "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?" Valerie Bertinelli & other old_time TV stars were contestants. I watched part of a mid_60's Patty Duke movie for a few minutes on channel 72. It's weird how many familiar names & faces there were from that era. Oddly I don't know squat about current pop cultural stuff but them I recognize. I just found out about a new word on Facebook. While visiting my nephew Michael's site, I couldn't help noticing the word "embiggen" on one of the options. The latest breakthrough in current events is another thing I found out about on Facebook. UCLA is doing some kind of a study about sexuality in identical twins to see if there may turn out to be something they can find out about homosexuality. Today is the thirty first anniversary of the day I graduated from high school. In a way it seems as if it were only yesterday & so long ago.

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