Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The weather's been very nice & hot lately. In a few hours it's supposed to start pouring again. The bridge on Eighth Street is under construction today too. Having to be forced into a detour because of construction work has always bothered me ever since I was only a really young kid. I know it's unavoidably necessary but it's still one of life's major nuisances. I don't really have to be bothered with taking that bridge so it's not all that much of a disaster for me. Yesterday I practiced, for a little while, a few of my very favorite Beatle songs & did some exercise on the chair too. To my chagrin, my annoying cough has yet to go away. Fortunately it's only a hay fever symptom but it's still extremely seriously aggravating. Somehow I seem to have gotten a bit lazy about watching "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire" over the course of the past couple of weeks but I've been conscientiously watching "I Love Lucy" each day. I've been trying to find out as much as possible about Barack Obama these days, considering that he will most probably end up having to run the show starting in January. I'm not even the least bit impressed. He's one of those far left Chicago characters. They have a track record of wanting change merely for its own sake & not even bothering to be careful about what kind. Obama is the perfect example of the kind of candidate the left wing wants. Of course, our only other available choice is McCain, who will leave us with a war we can't possibly win & gas at $5.00.9 a gallon. You tell me who's the bigger nightmare. This election has no possible happy outcome.

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