Friday, June 13, 2008


Besides the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua, it's also a supposedly unlucky day. We've gotten a few of them so far this year. That makes for an especially eccentric Friday dance. Yesterday & last night that absolutely disgusting phone rang off the hook. I've always absolutely bitterly despised the telephone. Aunt Lauren & Fran both called. They have to make sure they catch up regularly. Uncle Frankie is still visiting Fran. Hey, even Gino called. Bridget called late at night. She had an enjoyable time at her big day. She & a friend of hers got a limousine ride with a policeman & fireman for escorts. She did quite a good job of reading her essay in public. Of course she was a little bit intimidated by all the attention. I got onto my exercise chair for a few minutes yesterday. A few minutes a day might work wonders eventually. Today I went to confession at the Oblates' seminary on Rte. 315. Yesterday I went for yet another entire day without coffee in the afternoon. It's an odd change of pace for me. I know it's very much better for my health that way but it's a miserable feeling. It doesn't even help with my sleep anyway. Pretty soon the Fourth of July will be here. I've asked all the musicians in the bunch to be sure to show up with instruments. Of course, Gary & Lanfranco may even bring their accordions.

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