Saturday, June 14, 2008


Yesterday the weather was very nice & warm. This morning, though, it looks as if it may start raining any minute. Everybody was terribly saddened yesterday to have heard of the entirely unexpected sudden death, by cardiac arrest, of Tim Russert from "Meet the Press". I turned on the TV for a minute. When I got to channel fifteen's news with Wolf Blitzer, it was entirel devoted to news of the famous journalist's death. I made sure I watched about an hour's worth of it. Today I have to lector again at 5:00 Mass. This morning, I made sure I stopped over at the Valero station for gas. The price for regular was a tenth of a cent short of four dollars a gallon for the regular gas & that's the lowest price around. Most other places are at least $4.00.9 by now. Of course, yesterday I made sure I exercised on my chair & played some Beatle oldies, especially the early stuff. Pre_"Rubber Soul" Beatles have always been my very favorites. I really need very much practice but it's been fairly easy for me somehow. Lately I still haven't been drinking any coffee during the day, only in the morning. I make sure I start out my day with a few cups but that's it for the past couple of weeks. Hey I just found out on Myspace that Jennifer is going to be bartending tonight at the Barrel. Be there or be square.

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