Thursday, June 19, 2008


Summer is only a mere two days away. Uncle Frankie got home yesterday afternoon after a seemingly absolutely endless visit with Fran. I just got my annual e mail from Jo Ann & Jerry warning us not to bother to send them any e mail this month because of their trip to California. Congratulations on Jerry's retirement. Finally & at last, the problems in Wyoming's library have been straightened out so I'm back again. Unfortunately the place is absolutely packed with people today. Last night I practiced those Beatle songs again. My fingers all hurt but it's been getting easier & easier for me lately. This morning I went back downstairs to the washer & dryer. Those clothes most certainly have to be kept clean somehow. Life, at times, seems to be one never ending list of boring chores. Yesterday's weather was virtually all thunder & lightning with virtually no rain to show for it. The TV reception stunk. Everybody's been sending rave reviews for Tim Russert. It's nice to see he was such a good person. I read lots of good things about him on Wordpress besides all the rave reviews he's gotten everyplace else. The library isn't so crowded right now. People have told me that Amway/Quixtar fell apart quite a while ago, but I've been noticing lately that they've been making a bit of a comeback. A certain former teacher of mine got me mixed up with them in the eighties.

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