Friday, June 20, 2008


This evening will be the very beginning of summer. That will give us all an especially optimistic Friday dance. It's time to say a rousing happy birthday to cousin Larry, the captain of the black team from our bowling league. Tomorrow is his big day. Ruthie's birthday is sometime this month too. She's one of the little red haired girls from ninety second street. Uncle Frankie came over late yesterday at around six o'clock. It appears we're back into the swing of things once again around here. This morning my mother had yet another doctor's appointment because of her very bad back. Tomorrow morning I have to be back over in Wilkes_Barre again for yet another Carmelite meeting. I've done all the stuff that's required of me. I just noticed that yesterday was the thirtieth anniversary of the very first ever appearance of Jim Davis' "Garfield" comic strip. Garfield is kind of like me. He's grumpy & surly, the cast of characters in his life drive him stark raging nuts & his favorite food is lasagne. I just overheard somebody say that it's raining now. Lately the weather's been awfully irritating. Yesterday I read more of the book about Queen Isabella. Of course I also made quite sure I practiced those Beatle songs.

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