Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Wyoming's computers are still down so I'm back at the Hoyt today. I heard from my parents that in spite of what Uncle Frankie originally said, he'll be staying with Fran until tomorrow. It's odd not having him around because he's such a familiar fixture around here. My mother went to the doctor for an appointment yesterday because of her back. This morning I did the laundry. Well, at least I put clothes etc. into the washing machine, turned it on, & that's a part of it. From then on the machine has to do the rest. Late yesterday afternoon there was an absolute nightmare of an electrical storm with extremely severe wind. Fortunately though, it was only very short. Because I had an appointment to see Dr. Radzwilka yesterday morning I went to 7:00 p.m. Mass at St. Anthony's. By then, fortunately, the rain was only extremely slight. Happy birthday to Cindi from Myspace, etc. Nothing's on TV lately. "I Love Lucy" is never on these days because of some golf tournament on channel 3.

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