Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday. This morning he left early to visit Fran for a while. Yesterday I read fifty more pages of that book about Marxism. I now have even fewer than eight hundred pages to go before I'm finished with it. It's full of references to all sorts of characters, historical milestones, concepts & circumstances I've literally never even heard of before. I also practiced my guitar quite fervently yesterday. It helps that there's never anything even the least bit interesting on TV to distract me. I shall have to lector at 10:00 Mass on Sunday morning but other than that, the weekend, so far, holds nothing interesting in store for me. There are no plans I know of. Fortunately, I haven't gotten any headaches lately, except for a very slight one one day a couple of weeks ago. I'm on quite a lucky streak right now. There's interesting news from one of my Netpotion connections. I found this out from a woman who lives in Wisconsin. Yes, it appears there really are people in Wisconsin. In Milwaukee, there was recently an unveiling of a statue of Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli from "Happy Days". On top of that, there is even a new play over there that is based on the famed 1970's TV show. To that news, I hereby give a resounding: "sit on it, bucko!"

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