Thursday, August 21, 2008


Uncle Frankie's not available lately so things are more than a little different these days without him. As a general rule, he shows up quite frequently & it makes quite a difference when he's gone. I practiced my guitar yesterday. I have no idea where my other, non_Beatle sheet music could possibly have ended up by now so I'm more than kind of restricted in what I get to play. It's still quite interesting for me though. At least I've been playing reasonably well lately. My parents went shopping yesterday to get a present for Anne, a very old friend of theirs in Lindenhurst, who's been ill lately. I made sure I got my usual ten dollars worth of gas over at Turkey Hill in Exeter this morning. It's odd that the prices have managed to stay down so far long but I'm most certainly not about to complain about that. The weather's been very nice so far these days except that there was a bit too much of a chill this morning for my taste. Yesterday, yet again, I ate entirely too much junk food. To my chagrin, it's quite an absolutely disgusting habit I have.

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