Saturday, August 23, 2008


Friday went reasonably well. I went back over to the Pittston Tomato Festival for a while late yesterday afternoon. While I was over there I made sure I took some chances from their local KofC council & for some baskets that were being advertised by other organizations. I won a few from churches this year. I also found out about the San Cataldo Society, that's on Main Street in town. The guy I spoke to explained that it's a Sicilian society but they accept non_Sicilians as members. The membership fee is $5.00 per year. I have no Sicilian in me. I took a chance on a really nice basket of cheer they were raffling off. It was so hot I ended up being forced to wear a cap to deflect all the heat. I only ended up bothering to stick around for slightly over an hour. That's because the whole thing revolved around food with very little of anything else. There were souvenirs like T shirts & even a tomato cookbook but it was pretty much an excuse to pig out. There was a really good local band there. They even sang a really good version of a Lennon/McCartney favorite of mine, "A Hard Day's Night". I've been trying to learn to play that lately. It's relatively easy compared to a lot of their other songs.

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