Friday, August 22, 2008


The weekend is now upon us so it's time for the Friday dance. Yesterday some woman called on the phone & asked for cousin Gino. There must have been confusion about his phone number. Yesterday I made sure I took a drive over to Pittston to check out the latest annual tomato festival. It's supposed to be well known far & wide according to what I've been told. The local KofC council was there. It's not my council. All the local businesses were represented selling food, merchandise, etc. I've been there before & one year I even got a T. shirt advertising it. Rose called my mother yesterday. They exchanged all the latest gossip & news in general about the kinfolk. Yesterday I also watched on of the sequels to "The Fly". This one was "The Curse of the Fly" from 1965. It struck me as a perfect commentary on liberalism's Promethean complex. The sons try to stop their father's desperate quest for what he calls progress. He, of course, insists on excusing it all by rambling on about the usual greatest-good-for-the-greates-number-of-people excuse. Meanwhile, of course, he has absolutely no compassion whatsoever for the trail of deaths & destroyed lives he leaves in his wake in order to do so. Oh well, it's all in a day's work, don't you know?

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