Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Lately all has been going quietly & smoothly. I got home from the Little Flower novena yesterday with no trouble. Wilkes_Barre Blvd., & most of the other roads in that general area, stink but other than that it worked out quite well. Uncle Frankie showed up yesterday. Nothing's been new with him lately. The weather's been very nice lately, though a bit cooler than I like it. I'm now forced to wear a fairly heavy sweater & long sleeved shirt each day. My car has been working really well since the oil change. It's sixteen years old & I've had it for the past twelve years. It's the longest I've ever managed to hang onto a car. Now that autumn's here there are all sorts of Halloween decorations going up. Leaves are changing colors & falling to the ground. Yesterday I got my latest issue of "Carmelite Review" through the mail. It's a good way to keep in touch with everything that's been going on over in Middletown, N.Y. & Darien, Ct. The stock market's been going straight through the floor these days.

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