Friday, September 05, 2008


My father & Uncle Frankie went out for a while yesterday. When they got back they had chicken, soda & French fries with them. I practiced my guitar yesterday, more scales than anything else. It's annoying because I never have been able to tune it well. I really like to practice for at least a half hour to an hour each day. As usual there wasn't anything on TV yesterday except "I Love Lucy" & some stuff on the Catholic channel. Most of the coverage these days goes to Sarah Palin & all her travails, both good & bad. There's no point in bothering to keep track of all the gossip about the politicians & their families. I found another case for my glasses. That's always quite a nice thing. It's time for the very first Friday dance of September, of course. I need gas pretty desperately so it's good that the price of gas has been going down lately. The lowest prices in this area are at the stations in Exeter & one in Pittston. Fortunately & amazingly, I haven't gotten a headache in quite a while. Usually they come fairly frequently.

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