Tuesday, September 02, 2008


The long Labor Day weekend went quite well. Nothing much happened over the course of the weekend. My parents & I, in separate cars, went to 10:30 Mass at the Oblates' Seminary yesterday. It was long & crowded. They ran into Uncle Frankie over there & the three of them, after Mass, went to the Avenue Diner to get something to eat. While they were gone, Fran called & said she wanted to make sure she got a chance to see them before she went back to work. After a while, she & Uncle Frankie came over for a visit for a while. She got them candy. Of course, on Sunday morning my car battery died but I got it all straightened out. I couldn't help noticing, with great surprise, that there was no traffic yesterday. For Labor Day that was quite a change of pace. I've always equated days like that with major traffic congestion. When I went to Turkey Hill in Exeter, this morning, to get the Citizen's Voice, it hadn't been delivered yet. I didn't bother to go to another store for it because by now I know that when any one store doesn't get it, none of the others will either. I ended up getting the "Times Leader". According to the latest e mail binge from the cousins, Jennifer is pregnant & everybody's gleefully taking Larry up on his suggestion to go white water rafting next July. Today isn't anybody's birthday but KrissyKrissyKrissy's is on the tenth. Lately the weather has been very cold in the morning followed by an especially nice warm day to show for it.

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