Saturday, September 06, 2008


The weekend has arrived. The sky is one huge cloud. Nothing is going on this weekend. Yesterday my parents went shopping for a while, which is most certainly quite typical for them. They got a bunch of things for the upcoming birthdays. Last night my father & Uncle Frankie went to their usual football game. Rose, from across the street, came over to give my mother a custard pie. A guy who's a regular at the library told me this morning that the last time he went over to the Midway Shopping Center, where they give away free newspapers (Citizen's Voice, Times Leader etc.), there was a guy there who was taking large piles of them to sell on his own. The weird thing was that the guy was obviously well off & didn't have to be bothered with doing that. He was just cheap & selfish. My mother made sure she got together a couple of baskets for St. Joseph's Family Feast on Sept. 21. I'm supposed to take them over either tonight or tomorrow. Fran called yesterday just to make sure she kept in touch. Nothing much has been new with her lately. Unfortunately today is the third anniversary of Daren's death. She was such a good person & will be missed.

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