Saturday, September 13, 2008


Well, it's my very last ever weekend as a forty eight year old. Great Caesar's ghost, where could all that time possibly have gone? Miz Kitti must not be all that thrilled either because she's only a year & a day younger than I. Uncle Frankie & Fran are supposed to show up sometime tomorrow for a party. Today I have to lector at 5:00 Mass. I'm still, slowly but surely, plowing my way through "King Lear". I've read all these Shakespeare plays before but most certainly not recently or intensely enough for them to have sunk in that well. I've also been quite consistently practicing my guitar. Lately, since I took that gigantic computer off my desk, I have a lot more room to be able to put other things on it. Now it's much easier for me to be able to keep track of unavoidably necessary things like my license, keys & glasses. Gas prices, to my chagrin, have been going up yet again. This morning I noticed I fifteen cent price hike compared to yesterday. The OPEC low.lives are at it again.

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