Monday, September 08, 2008


The weekend was very quiet. I lectored at 5:00 Mass on Saturday, replacing the girl who was supposed to be there. Mary ended up covering for the girl's mother. It was raining that entire afternoon. There was a visiting priest, Fr. Urban, because Fr. Walsh has been unavailable for the past few weeks. I made sure I went to the rectory yesterday to hand in my form so I can work at the Harvest Festival in a couple of weeks. I donated a few baskets too. It was a really nice time last year. I go to St. John the Evangelist in Pittston every morning. This morning was unbelievably foggy & there are a lot of steep roads between here & there. As always I've been practicing my guitar quite conscientiously. By now I can do quite some mighty nice versions of "A Hard Day's Night" & "Please Please Me" among others. Yesterday I watched "Return of the Living Deade", from 1985. It starred Linnea Quigley & James Karen, who was born in Wilkes Barre. His face is much more familiar than his name. He's been on lots of commercials. As far as I'm concerned the movie absolutely stunk. Lately I've been eating entirely too much Swiss cheese for my own good. A minute ago I tried to join a new site & had trouble answering the captcha question because I plum forgot, for a second, that Jane(they claimed), not Charlotte Bronte wrote "Wuthering Heights". Ha! Ha! I just looked it up & it turns out that it was really Emily. That's awfully odd considering that I must have read it at least a dozen times by now.

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