Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I got up this morning to the sound of constant, non stop thunder & lightning. It wasn't raining so much when I first left but on the way home there was an absolute nightmare of a storm. Exeter Avenue in West Pittston, among other places, was flooded. I heard that on the radio. Yesterday I got a really nice letter from Grace, Daren's mother. The third anniversary of Daren's death was on Saturday. Her mother sent me a few really nice pictures of Daren with the letter. My parents went shopping for a few hours last night. How anybody could possibly spend a few hours at a time in a bunch of stores so frequently is entirely beyond me. Maybe it goes with being old. I've been playing my guitar regularly lately. I'm still learning exactly how to play songs like "Please Please Me" & "A Hard Day's Night". As always nothing worth bothering is on TV these days. I have a few favorites & none of them exactly qualifies as even the least bit typical of current stuff. My birthday gets closer & closer by the second. Miz Kitti & I most certainly weren't exactly born yesterday.

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