Monday, December 08, 2008


November 29 was the seventh anniversary of George Harrison's death & today is the twenty eighth anniversary of John Lennon's. December 8, 1980 was also on a Monday. I can still most certainly remember that night quite well even now. Amazingly, I just read a cartoon in the Citizens Voice only two days ago that depicted John & Yoko at their 1969 Amsterdam Bed.In for Peace. It's quite amazing that to this very day, there are still a substantial number of people around who can be counted on both to recognize & even to appreciate the allusion. Lately the weather has been getting progressively colder & colder. There was snow in the morning but at least it didn't amount to anything significant. When I came home from the Latin Mass last evening my hands were virtually frostbitten. This morning, I should suppose because of the weather, my shoulder, which I broke in the early 1990's, has been in extreme pain. Uncle Frankie came over last night with his usual chocolate candy. I, of course, made sure I ate much of it. Unfortunately Fran is very ill with a virus.

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