Wednesday, December 10, 2008


When I got up this morning it was absolutely pouring out. That's most probably why I have such an annoying headache right now. My mother spoke to Fran on the phone last night. Fran seems to be feeling much better lately. Uncle Frankie hasn't shown up in the past couple of days. Nothing much is happening these days so far. I'd be afraid to go Christmas shopping in all this traffic. I just read a blog on Xanga that talks about organ donation. I've always specified on my driver's license that I want my organs donated when I die. I don't expect them to do me any good from then on. A lot of people, for some reason, object to this practice but I happen to think it's quite a really good idea. Yesterday I watched "Everybody Loves Raymond" again. I've been starting to get used to it by now. Interestingly, I just found out on the Adweek site that 67% of people in this country would rather see "Merry Christmas" in stores Christmas ads than the nauseatingly leftist "Happy Holidays", that only got 27% of the vote. This is yet more proof that liberals aren't even the least bit interested in what people really want, but only in cramming their agenda down our throats whether anybody likes it or not.

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