Friday, March 27, 2009


Yesterday's weather was miserable but today seems to be better so far. Mary Anne called last night. She's been a little ill lately. I don't have to lector this weekend so that's a nice change. Unfortunately Fr. Walsh's sister_in_law recently died of cancer. She lived in Reading. She was only my age. There was a notice about it at O.L. Sorrows this morning. My mother called Dottie yesterday. She seems to be doing well these days. I'm still reading that big book on Marxism. At this rate I should be finished with it in about two weeks if I read the same number of pages each day. Once again, because it's a Friday, we're not allowed to eat any meat today. That's no big deal for me. I can always improvise with quite a whole lot of other kinds of food. I have an eclectic enough appetite that anything can keep me quite happy. I don't like to eat too much at any one time though. For some reason I've yet to bother to get that Old Forge pizza I ordered a few weeks ago from Tom.

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