Monday, March 23, 2009


I covered for Laura again on Saturday at 5:00 Mass. They seem to have all the same problems here as at O.L.P.H. Lately the weather's still been colder than I like it. Uncle Frankie showed up a few times over the weekend. As always he called to complain to my father yesterday about troubles he's been having with his cable TV. Bob called early in the morning yesterday about the meeting at the Oblates' Seminary next Saturday. Mary Anne called too. Robin will be showing up for a visit very soon. A lot of people went over to New York this past weekend for Jennifer's baby shower. I hope it worked out really well for one & all. Gary called last night too. He wanted to know how my father's been feeling lately. There was a blackout on Saturday morning. Those things are awfully aggravating. It affected all the general area of the Wyomings. It wasn't so bad. I've seen many that were much worse. I spent the day in Wilkes_Barre anyway so I didn't care.

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