Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It's been a very nice quiet week so far. The weather's a little chillier than I like it in the morning but it warms up over the course of the day. Yesterday I started a diet, at least in the sense that I fully intend to cut down on my eating from now on. I also have to wise up & start exercising again. I have an exercise chair I can use. I can walk a lot too. Today I got a message from one of the sites I use, telling me that Mike, an old friend from high school, had left a comment at my profile picture. It was really good getting in touch with him again. This morning I decided to take advantage of the McDonald's coupon I got the last time I gave blood. I went over to the Wyoming McDonald's on Wyoming Avenue. As soon as I got there I noticed Uncle Frankie was there, reading the paper. I tried to say hello but he was too engrossed in it. Later on a woman he knows said hello to him. As soon as he looked up he noticed me so we ended up sitting together for a while. Some women, who are cousins of his, were also there.