Saturday, March 17, 2007

Toora Loora Loora

Happy St. Patrick's Day. There was a blizzard all day yesterday so we spent pert near all of half the top o' the mornin' shovelling snow. My shamrock socks are in the drawer right next to me right now. I suppose the homosexual rights activists will be all on their uppers about the parades. Irish Catholics have to put on their green clothes & stuff because orange is the official English Protestant color. It's New York's official color too, as any sports fan would know. Over in Ireland English Protestants are murdering Irish Catholics by the millions. Today there'll be corn beef & cabbage galore around here even though the real Irish Irish never even so much as think of touching it with a ten foot sheilaleigh. I'm only half Irish so with me it's hit'n'miss. One year I even met RFK at the big Manhattan parade. That's my big St. Patrick's memory.

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