Friday, October 05, 2007


Happy casual Friday dance. We all have to do the official weekend cha_cha_cha when the time comes. All is well so far. Lately, I've been continuing my constant reading. I've been plowing through those books about St. Therese & the one about Charlotte Bronte. Of course, I only read a little at a time of each of them. They both lived in the nineteenth century. I've always had quite a flair for life in the past lane. I've always really liked literature & Catholic history so it works out quite well. Oddly, the heat wave goes on. It may yet portend very bad news in the opposite direction though. Last autumn & most of winter were very warm but the end of winter turned out to be very bitter with lots of snow & ice well into March. The library is absolutely packed right now. I've only been here for around fifty minutes & already every computer is spoken for. There are occasional days like this. I've been checking out, among other sites, Fuelmyblog lately. It has a very seriously eclectic variety of blogs & I made sure I submitted mine to it. Tonight is the big weekly football game. I suppose my father & Uncle Frankie will be determined to make sure they show up.

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