Thursday, October 04, 2007


Oddly, it's over eighty degrees lately. That's more than kind of on the strange side for a Pennsylvania October. Ever since I was a kid in New York I've always associated October with exceptionally cold weather & Pa., as a general rule, has always been substantially colder than New York. I haven't seen much TV lately, which is very good news. In my days as a young hep cat, I reall liked it a lot & kept up with the then_trendy pop culture. Except for old movies & old shows in general, I don't usually bother much with it these days. I really like "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire" & "Jeopardy" but they ask lots of questions about current pop culture & I have no idea of what's going on these days. Every day things come up about all sorts of characters I suppose I most certainly should have heard of by now but I'm stumped. Sometimes I watch "The Simpsons" & "Seinfeld" but neither of them is exactly new stuff. It's fun being such a throwback.

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