Wednesday, October 03, 2007


So far it's been a very quiet uneventful time since October got rolling. The weather is more summer or spring than autumn. I seem to have a fairly persistent, annoying cough lately. I'm still sneezing quite a lot too. My hay fever just doesn't like to give me the satisfaction of budging, fall or no fall. Flu shots are available these days. I really should think of getting one. Since the St. Therese novena, I got the idea to start reading a couple of the books I have about her. One is her "Last Conversations". The other one is "Maurice & Therese: The Story of A Love". They're both required reading for anyone who wants to be as knowledgeable as possible about St. Therese. Lately I have been pigging out on all sorts of junk food, including candy, cookies, etc. Fortunately I'm not such a naturally heavy guy anyway but I still have to watch my diet. Sometimes my weight goes up too much. Oreo has a cookie out, just in time for Halloween, that has Halloweenish orange in the middle with monster designs on the cookie part. All the cliche_riddled junk food, from now on, will be out in full force. It's boring but it can't be avoided.

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