Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This morning has been nicer than most recent mornings. Lately it's been awfully bitter cold each morning but nicer during most of the day. This morning was genuinely nice though. I'm still reading that book about Emily Dickinson. It's still extremely interesting. I'll have to read more of her poetry from now on too. Yesterday I made sure I went back to the St. Therese novena. By now, I'm really getting used to the trip & it doesn't feel so weird anymore. Surprisingly, Uncle Frankie showed up last night & stuck around for a few hours. That's a really big trip for him lately. The computers here weren't working when I first showed up today but they're working fairly well now. Not only Halloween & Thanksgiving are coming up in the immediate future. Even Christmas is right around the corner. I should most certainly hope everything works out really well this year. The crowds & traffic get me crazy & they're on their way. I dread going shopping at times like this. It get stuck with the aggravation every year though & it inevitably works out really well.

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