Saturday, October 20, 2007


This morning, at 9:00, was our Carmelite meeting. It went well. Dana & his three young uns showed up. Anne & Mary Elizabeth were both there. So was one of the other women. It was in a different room today because our usual place is being painted. I made sure I asked Anne for directions to the Guild in Scranton. On November 3, there will be a religious articles sale on the grounds of the Little Flower Manor. They're always trying to keep active with things like that. Jim, from Middletown, N.Y., will be there to help. I think I may have passed Uncle Frankie on the way home on Eighth Street today. I passed a really familiar looking white SUV & the driver beeped at me. The game last night was cancelled because of an extremely violent thunderstorm. My father & Uncle Frankie were forced to come back home. It was postponed until today. Tomorrow at 10:a.m. I have to lector again at Mass. By now, people over there must really be getting used to me. I went for gas & the Citizen's Voice this morning at Turkey Hill in Exeter. Gas has gone up quite a lot. There's good news though. Recently I read in the Citizen's Voice that policemen around here are cracking down on distracted driving. That applies to anyone who drives either while texting, talking on phone, with hands off the wheel or otherwise not giving it his undivided attention. Joe Torre was on TV all day yesterday explaining his troubles with that team from the Bronx. His sister, Sister Marguerite, was my cousins' teacher when they were kids in Ozone Park. That's one of the few things I know about sports. Believe it or not, I once worked, behind the scenes, at Joe Pepitone's daughter's wedding Mass. On top of that, I once met, in the nineties, a Brother who was Bon Jovi's teacher in high school.

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