Thursday, October 18, 2007


The weather was especially cool when I went out this morning. My nephew called my parents last night to make sure he got a chance to thank them for a package they sent him. Uncle Frankie came over yesterday after his trip to the V.A. hospital. He seems to be doing so far so well. My mother will be going to the hairdresser at noon today. I got an extremely seriously annoying headache last night. Around 1:00 a.m. I made sure I got up & took a pill for it. It went away after only a little while. It was my first in quite a while. Maybe I got it because I read more yesterday than I usually do. I read over forty pages of the Emily Dickinson book, and a few other things. It occurred to me somewhere over the course of yesterday that "The Jazz Singer" was a logical precursor_& the Jewish version of_"St. Louis Blues", about W.C. Handy except I have no idea whether the earlier one was a bout a real figure, pure fiction or what. I just found out that Cathleen got a job at Pier 1. During the Christmas rush, that's really going to hurt. Sales jobs around Christmas alays go plum loco.

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