Friday, October 19, 2007


It's time to say Happy Friday cha cha cha. According to the weather report on the radio this morning there should be thunderstorms later on today. I'll bet that will make for a really annoying football game tonight. Knowing Uncle Frankie's circumstances, I should be quite shocked if he gets to make it. I read over forty more pages of that Emily Dickinson book yesterday. The more than 700 pages should go by pretty fast at this rate. When I asked Fr. Walsh, this morning, how his father has been doing lately (he got chest pains over the weekend) he said there was no really bad news & that he'd just need lots of rest & medical attention. At least a couple of times over the course of my average week, I see Nirvana at the Unimart in Wyoming. Not surprisingly, he wasn't there today. I have no idea of exactly what his schedule is. Over the course of the past few years I've been getting all sorts of aches & pains. I'm over forty so I guess it's inevitable but it's still very annoying. Today the pain in my back, neck & shoulders really seems to be getting quite aggravating. Lately, the only TV show I've been really bothering to watch on a regular basis is "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire". Yesterday a woman who came into the library with her husband was checking out their official website. All the other current shows, besides "Jeopardy" & a very few other exceptions, bore the hell out of me. Tomorrow I have to go back over to Wilkes_Barre for a Carmelite meeting. They're always very interesting. I have to show up early in the morning but unfortunately I've always been quite an early bird anyway.

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