Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Over the course of the past few months, we've gotten very short, very violent rainstorms, usually at the rate of at least one a day. Only one was very destructive though. Today's Uncle Frankie's birthday. He came over for a while yesterday. I got gas this morning at the Unimart in Exeter. Gas has been substantially less expensive lately than it's been in quite a while. The Olympics are all over the place these days. Unlike most people I just plain don't happen to like sports. Not liking sports is assumed to be the equivalent of not having a sex drive. It's just taken for granted, somehow, that everybody likes sports. Unfortunately, because of all the partying over the weekend, there's an absolutely insane amount of junk food left over. I even won popcorn & licorice with all those videos. My will power goes down as the junk food supply goes up. Each day, I play my guitar & it seems to get quite a bit easier each time. I always seem to lose track of my picks though. That went on back in the really old days too.

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