Thursday, August 14, 2008


Because of my having won so many prizes at the local parishes lately, Fran got the big idea that I should take a chance & play the lottery. I put down two dollars for the power ball yesterday & found out in this morning's Citizen's Voice, of course, that I'd lost. I never win anything of any significance. Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday. It was just the usual typical kind of a time. There was no Mass at St. Joseph's this morning but I plum forgot & went anyway. It's tonight at 7:00 because of the Feast of O.L. Assumption. There was all sorts of confusion because the janitors never completely locked the door last night. I ended up accidentally locking a couple of books & my glasses into the church when I left so I was forced to ask Noreen, the secretary, to get them out for me. The weather's been very nice lately but a bit cooler than it had been for a while. I played my guitar last night. "I Feel Fine" is really getting interesting now. It's a little on the tricky side for me but I can handle it. I've been quite conscientiously practicing scales too. My Carmelite meeting is on Saturday morning so I made quite sure I got some stuff done last night. It's always good to be prepared. Unfortunately I'm still pigging out these days on all the leftover junk food, slowly devouring a can of Pringles & a can of peanuts among other things.

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