Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Uncle Frankie's birthday went well yesterday. He, my parents & I went to Jitty Joe's, the official ice cream place of northeastern Pa. I got a seriously sloppy butter pecan in a cup. It was as bitter cold as it was messy & that always plum aggravates the hell out of me but it was very nice. It was also Java & Nunziata's thirty fifth wedding anniversary. Today is Mary Ellen's birthday too. August most certainly has no shortage of milestones. Cathleen's back from visiting her family in Bakersfield. Dottie called yesterday but as always when she calls, my mother was gone shopping. They can pert near never quite seem to keep up with each other somehow. Yesterday I watched the old Vincent Price movie, "The Fly". It's one of the horror movies I won recently at St. John the Evangelist's bizarre. There's never anything worth bothering with on TV anyway so I go for old stuff, the occasional game show & DVDs. I practiced my guitar last night. I usually like to stick to the songs I've always really liked but I'm going most certainly to have to get around to everything sooner or later.

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