Friday, August 15, 2008


The week ended in just about its usual droll manner. Uncle Frankie came over yesterday. He made sure we ate yet another batch of his pasta. After a while he & my parents went shopping. Because it's the Feast of the Assumption I have to lector at 5:00 Mass later today. I went to confession at the Oblates' seminary this morning. When I went to Turkey Hill this morning to get gas & the paper, they hadn't gotten the Citizens' Voice. A woman on line said it wasn't delivered to her either. There was none at the Unimart either. I ended up having to get the Times Leader. Gas has gotten substantially less expensive lately. That's a bit of a surprise considering how far in the opposite direction things were a while ago. Tomorrow is yet another Carmelite meeting. Yesterday I made sure I did some more of the required reading. It always pays to show up well prepared for things like that. My guitar practice goes on. A little bit each day seems to be going quite a long way lately. To this very day, I have no idea how to tune the thing but that's most certainly never stopped me before. August is half over. September bugs me because the weather's still really nice but it's the beginning of the bad part of the year.

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