Thursday, August 28, 2008


There's nothing going on so far today. The weather's been very nice. I was forced to miss 9:00 Mass because of some unavoidably necessary personal affairs. All went quite well. Last night I watched "Bookmark", Thomas Woods's show on how the Catholic Church built western civilization, & Fr. Mitchell Pacwa's live show. They were all on EWTN. Earlier in the day I watched the inevitable "I Love Lucy". I've been trying to figure out the latitude & longitude for my town on Deviantart. I haven't bothered, very much anyway, with those kinds of things ever since I was only a kid in grammar school. Some sites dredge up absolutely some of the very oddest of details. I practiced my guitar yesterday. On top of everything else, as I was looking around through a pile of stuff of mine, I even managed to track down yet another pick. They've always been extremely easy to lose track of unfortunately. Yesterday I ate chicken tenders & French fries. Recently there was a movement among members of the liberal totalitarian thought police, for some insane reason, to change the name of these potato thingies to freedom fries. Uncle Frankie showed up recently with a bag of extremely seriously spicy nuts but I'd be more than a little afraid to dare to mess with them, except for only very few at a time.

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