Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sometime yesterday, Uncle Frankie arrived home after his visit to Fran. He, of course, got us all candy. He got taffy for my parents & Reese's peanut butter cups & Kit Kats for me. He stuck around for a few hours once he got back & told my parents all about whatever he & Fran did over the course of his visit. I practiced my guitar as usual yesterday. Lately I've really been getting the hang of "Two Of Us". I heard from Barbara from the Carmelites yesterday too. She called about a book that Judy is going to make us start reading from now on. She wanted to know if I had a copy of it & whether I'd like to buy one or to borrow they one they already have in their supply of books anyway. I decided to go for the one that's already there anyway. Nothing interesting was on TV yesterday. Besides "I Love Lucy" I didn't even bother with anything else. Only very rarely does anything worth bothering with come on. Lately I've been losing track of my eyeglasses entirely too frequently for my taste, so I've simply got to wise up & figure out a way to put them inevitably where I can find them very easily.

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