Monday, August 25, 2008


It all went well at the latest Tomato Festival. Unlike the churches' feasts, though, I didn't end up winning a basket this time around. Everybody says Sizzle Pie has the only decent pizza here but I enjoyed the pizza I got from the other places that showed up. On Saturday I got a set of guitar strings from the music store on Main Street. They had a stand set up outside their store. There was good music there all throughout the festival. On Saturday they didn't have a band but they played a lot of Beatle music. Yesterday there was a German_style oom_pah band & a guy was playing an acoustic guitar by the beer stand, where I ended up getting a Yuengling. The sun was very hot all through the festival. On top of that I didn't know a single one of the people who showed up, which is pretty much about typical for me around here anyway. My nephew Michael's birthday was on Saturday too so we made sure we gave him a call. I hope he doesn't miss his teens too much. I lectored yesterday at 10:00 Mass. All went well. Early this morning there was a bit of a rainstorm & the last time I looked outside it was still awfully seriously cloudy. On Saturday night I watched a few old Laurel & Hardy shorts on TCM. Oliver Hardy is my fellow New Yorker. He's from Harlem.

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