Saturday, August 30, 2008


This morning the librarian showed up around fifteen minutes late. While I was hanging around outside, a woman pointed out to me that the leaves have been turning colors & falling already, portending quite an early autumn. Monday is Labor Day. There's always an absolutely bottomless pit of traffic every year on that day. I've never really been able to handle all that kind of aggravation but we're all stuck with it unfortunately. I don't have any big plans for this year, which is absolutely fine by me. So far I haven't gotten any unfortunate problems from eating Uncle Frankie's Mexican spicy nuts but most probably that's because I make sure I only eat extremely few each time. Last night he & my father went to the very first big game of the new year. Last night I watched another movie from the "The Fly" series & "Tales From the Crypt". They were among the movies I won at St. John the Evangelist's bazaar a while ago. Yesterday I spent a while playing "A Hard Day's Night" on my guitar. That's one of the really easy ones.

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